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Adena Racing Venture III Fan Page
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Adena LogoThis web site was created to help provide a single point of access for information regarding the horses of Adena Springs Racing Venture 3. The eight horses that make up this venture are all colts. Alpha Wave, Don Valentino, Gigantos, Golden Mustang, Holy Buck, Lord Justice, Polterer, and Storm Wind all boast impressive pedigrees and will be trained at various tracks around the country. The eight horses were offered in a package consisting of 60 shares, with Adena Springs maintaining a controlling interest. Adena Springs remains the Racing Manager of these colts. Any prize money earned will be distributed to members in accordance with their percentage of share ownership. Consequently, any expenses are also divided equally.

Visitors to this web site will have access to all the data I have time to collect and manage regarding these fine horses. All eight of the horses have a page dedicated to providing detailed information regarding workouts, race results, images, and any specific information regarding future races and training. In the future I hope to provide a filter to access the data I have stored on our web server and provide tabular and graphing capabilities to display tracking and trending.

For more information on the Adena Racing Venture 3 I encourage you to visit the web site established by Adena Springs dedicated to the Adena Racing Venture. To learn more about Adena Stallions, I encourage you to visit their Stallion Web Site. Other than that, welcome to the fan site, have a look around, and enjoy yourself. Use the email address in the footer to contact the administrator with any comments and questions. HorseHats web site has a wide selection of hats, including some Adena Springs Stallions, available for sale to the horse racing enthusiast.

This page is NOT directly affiliated with Adena Springs.

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